My Internship Experience in Brazil – by Diana Miranda Rivera

Submitted by UNE Honors Program student Diana Miranda Rivera of the School of Education and following her participation in an AIESEC Summer Internship in Franca, Brazil July/August 2013

My Experience in Brazil

l2This past summer I spent approximately six weeks participating in an internship offered by the AIESEC student organization that allowed me to teach Spanish at a summer camp in Franca, Brazil.

There are no words to describe my experience in Franca, Brazil. From beginning to end, it was phenomenal. Sometimes I think that six weeks were not enough.  The members of AIESEC Franca gave their all to make this internship opportunity an experience I will forever cherish.

My internship in Brazil was divided into two parts: two weeks for training and the rest for teaching. The activities in the training were amazing and helped us to develop and better our skills as educators.   We laughed, took pictures, worked individually and in groups, shared ideas, brainstormed, and walked through the city.  The group included AIESEC interns from all over the world with different accents, stories and cultures. We called ourselves PANGEA after the supercontinent that existed long ago when all the countries were united. We felt that once again all the countries were connected. The chemistry between the interns and the members of AIESEC Franca was extraordinary. Together we enjoyed sharing conversations, get-togethers, opinions and even some complaining.

As an intern, my duty was to teach Spanish for beginners and intermediate students twice a week. Since I study education, I reviewed all of the material I had in Puerto Rico for teaching Spanish.  However, my major is in pre-school and primary education, so it was a challenge for me to elevate the content and the classroom procedures to a different age group. I taught approximately nine students and my classes also included information about the cultures of Venezuela (the native country of the other Spanish instructor, Manuel) and Puerto Rico. Together, we introduced our Brazilian students to the Spanish alphabet colors, numbers, verbs, adjectives and vocabulary words through warm up activities with dances and jokes, as well as the use of technology, PowerPoint exercises, videos of popular songs, games and discussions.


My internship experience helped me learn more about what I am capable of achieving and my weaknesses. I learned how to “survive” without assistance planning a class and without help from my parents when it comes to managing my daily routine. I am proud because I learned another language,  kept motivated, became more independent and turned out to be more outspoken and stronger than I thought I was. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who wants to have both a work and cultural experience that will enhance their  skills and capabilities for their future job or any other life adventure.




For more information about AIESEC and other internship opportunities, please contact Ms. Myrna Flores, UNE Internship Coordinator: email – / 787-257-7373, Ext. 2622


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