“My Semester in Canada” – Nydmarie Rivera

Nydmarie Rivera_Canada_Spring 2014 TRUStudying abroad allows you to experience another lifestyle and meet new people. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and taking advantage of it allows you to seek out new experiences that will challenge yourself to make your dreams come true and learn something new everyday.
During the first week of classes, I was nervous and excited at the same time because of this new experience. Thompson Rivers University (TRU) made the international students feel like they were at home away from home. They had a special program known as the “International Student Activity Program (ISAP)” that offered various activities for international students to meet and get to know each other while traveling in Canada and learning about the Canadian culture.

The best part about my study abroad experience was when TRU placed the Puertorrican flag outside the international students building, to honor me as the first Puertorrican student studying at their university campus.

I had the opportunity to attend the same courses that my home university offers and the approach of my professors, the administration, classmates and the rest of the students were very kind and welcoming. My experience studying abroad helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Also, the process of meeting new people with different backgrounds and cultures was truly amazing. I am not afraid to say that many people I met at TRU are like new family members and we still chat and Skype with each other everyday. I know that if I go to Canada again I will feel like at home. I always say that when you really want to accomplish a goal, you have to be perseverant and make it happen and that is what I did by studying in Canada for a semester.

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Universidad del Este is the youngest institution in the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS),with its creation resting on the historical and educational prestige of Puerto Rico Junior College — the first institution on the island to offer Associate Degree programs (1949).
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