About Lailah Rodríguez: UNE Student in India Summer 2011

UNE Student Lailah Rodríguez has been awarded the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship to study abroad for the 2011 summer term at the University of Hyderabad in India through the International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP). 

Lailah is currently in her third year of study at the UNE School of Social and  Human Sciences and is majoring in Psychology. While in India, Lailah is taking the courses of “Basic Hindi” and “Contemporary India” along with international students from around the world. The courses will be counted as general electives towards her degree at UNE.

As part of her Gilman Scholarship proposal, Lailah is documenting her experience each week through photos and videos  that she sends send back for posting on the UNE International Affairs blog!

For more information about study abroad programs available to UNE students through ISEP and scholarship programs like the Gilman Scholarship, please contact UNE’s Office of International, Federal & Corporate Affairs:
Email: ue_international@suagm.edu / Phone:  (787) 257-7373, Ext. 2237 or 2242

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