“My Amazing Internship Experience in Hungary” – by Nicole Molina

Submitted by UNE School of Education student Nicole Molina Reyes following her participation in an AIESEC student organization internship in Hungary (Summer 2013)

“My Amazing Internship Experience in Hungary”

photo 2My name is Nicole Andrea Molina Reyes the Second.  As a student from the “Universidad del Este” in Carolina, Puerto Rico, this past summer of 2013 I had the opportunity to participate in a global internship program in Miskolc, Hungary with the AIESEC global student organization. The name of my internship program was “My Future” and its purpose was to create and develop a successful English teaching summer camp for a specific group of children between the ages of 8-14. Our goal was to teach the children by helping them to reinforce and practice their existing skills in the English language, including grammar and reading. At the same time, we had to keep the English lessons entertaining and exciting for the kids, because it was a summer camp. I was well prepared for the internship, since I have an excellent domain of the English language and I am currently completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Education.  Nevertheless, at first I was a bit frightened by the experience because of the short amount of time that I had in order to be admitted to the program, the distance I would need to travel and the extremely different and unknown culture to which I would be exposed.

photo 3My first day in Hungary was total suspense. I had no knowledge of the Hungarian language and absolutely no one in the airport spoke English. I had to travel all by myself with no guide and communicated using gestures and even signs I had to write down. After a very long and exhausting trip, I finally got to the dorm where I would be staying and right away I met my roommates and fellow internship companions. In just a few days, my fellow interns became my new family. We were a group of 20 interns, all from different cultures and places around the world, which made for somewhat of a culture shock during that first week of living together. Eventually we all got used to each other’s interests and it turned out to be the best experience of coexistence I know I will ever have.

photo 1As for my work at the summer camp, I can now say that I have around 50 new daughters, sons, nephews and nieces that I think of as a big family, and with whom I still maintain daily communication. The experience of working with so many different cultures and children has greatly benefitted me as a human being, as a teaching professional, and in all aspects of my life: social, occupational, academic, professional, personal, etc.

Now that I’m back to my reality in Puerto Rico and on with my old life, the first thing I say to anyone who asks me about the internship experience is just three words AMAZINGLY UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!

Nicole Andrea Molina Reyes

For more information about AIESEC and other internship opportunities, please contact Ms. Myrna Flores, UNE Internship Coordinator: email – miflores@suagm.edu / 787-257-7373, Ext. 2622


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